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We are upgrading our website. During the transition it may take a while to load all the hundreds of models we sell. Rest assured they are all still available. Call us or email us to get prices, availability, specifications, and selection assistance.


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You often hear buy American, but what does it mean and why does it matter?  Aside from the obvious benefits of quality, value, better warranties, superior customer service and support, it matters because money you spend here gets pumped into our economy and re-spent again and again within our economy producing jobs and income.  That’s known as the multiplier effect and can result in multiplying every dollar you spend by six or seven dollars pumped into our economy. 

We have bilateral and multilateral agreements with many countries that maintain fair trade practices and a level playing field in trade.  Trading with friendly democracies in North and South America, and British Commonwealth Countries, like UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada is like buying Made in USA products.   

Buy American? YES!  Buy from your Friends? Yes!  And know who your friends are!  Buying from unfriendly nations puts our financial wellbeing and safety at risk. 

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Warranty Information

The holsters you see on this site carry a limited lifetime warranty.  We will repair or replace holsters that fail in ordinary use for as long as you own the holster. We all know that nothing lasts forever, especially hook and loop after extensive use.  But if you feel that you have not gotten good value from your holster because it no longer closes properly or some other component has worn out, we’ll make it right.  The lone condition is that it must have failed as a result of “ordinary use.”  Burning it, slashing it, running it over with your truck, or splattering it with acid would be just some of the actions which would not constitute ordinary use.



We are upgrading our old website.  For your convenience we have added eCommerce capability so you can make your purchases online using Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Paypal.  During the transition to the new website, you may not see some of the holsters we previously showed on the old site.  Rest assured that we still manufacture all of the 500 models we have designed and manufactured over the last 40 years.  Adding them ALL to the new website will take time.  Feel free to call or email us to inquire about any holsters whether you remember them from the old site or you don’t see what you need on our new updated site.  With over 500 models, it is very likely we have something that fits your requirements no matter what those might be.  If you are looking for a phone case don’t forget to check out .

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